A Beginner's Guide to Backyard Camping

by Emily Milano 05/03/2021

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Backyard camping allows you to have an adventure at home. For those who have never been camping before, it can be a great way to prepare. It can also be a fun activity for everyone in the house when the weather is warm and you want to get away without getting away. Here are some ideas for getting started:


Getting everybody involved in setting up camp is half the fun. However, it doesn’t have to stop at putting up a tent. The advantage of backyard camping is that you have everything in your home within reach, so you can easily decorate your camp the way you like. Use string lights, lanterns and artificial candles to create a glowing ambiance. Grab the welcome mat from your front door and put it outside of the tent for people to wipe their feet on before going in. If your tent is big enough, you can decorate the inside as well. Bring throw pillows, blankets and whatever personal accessories your kids or housemates want to include. Outside of the tent, you can dress up camp chairs and other picnic furniture with cozy blankets to keep you warm around the fire.

Cook a Meal

Whether you’re preparing for a real trip or just having fun, cooking a meal outdoors is one of the best ways to get the full camping experience. The best part about cooking in the backyard is that you can use real dishes and silverware from inside rather than use disposable paper plates and plastic utensils. If you have a grill, try making some classic camping food like hot dogs, burgers and corn on the cob. If you want to make s’mores make sure you’re fully stocked with sweet supplies. Cooking tasks that can be done by more than one person are especially fun for backyard camping because it enhances that sense of communal outdoor living. If you have kids, try giving them simple but helpful tasks like toasting buns or making a salad.

Build a Fire

Safety is crucial, so only build a fire if it’s safe to do so. If you don’t have a fire pit already, there are many ways to DIY one, but you should tackle this project in advance since it can take a while. Learning and teaching how to build the perfect campfire is a fun activity to collaborate on with friends and family. Gather firewood and kindling beforehand and make sure your fire pit is clean and ready. Rather than rely on the hose for dampening the fire at the end of the night, fill buckets with water and dirt for a more authentic experience. With a fire built, you have the perfect setting for a myriad of other activities like telling stories, roasting marshmallows or just enjoying time together.

When you’re backyard camping, the possibilities are virtually endless. The easy access to your house means you can still access all the creature comforts of home while enjoying an outdoor adventure. No matter if it’s with family or friends, backyard camping is a perfect way to vacation without leaving home.

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